Traditional Asian Massage

60 minutes – VND 1,000,000

The Chinese Massage is a unique technique based on the theory of Chinese traditional medicine. Using hands, arms, elbows and feet, the masseuses apply pressure on the special areas or points of the person receiving the massage. Here are the top benefits of Traditional Asian Massage.


Break-down of Scar Tissue: For people who have lost mobility or experience chronic stiffness or pain in muscles or joints, Chinese massage can be effective in breaking down scar tissue to ease soreness and increase range of motion.

Circulatory Problems: The main function of Chinese massage is to redirect the flow of Qi, which is responsible for circulatory health, throughout the body. By using different hand techniques and manipulating specific pressure points, the circulatory system is stimulated and re-energized.

Improved Emotional Health: On a physical level, Chinese massage can be very relaxing. It relieves stress and tension and improves feelings of well-being. Chinese massage practitioners believe, however, that blockages to the flow of Qi through the body can disrupt the mental state, leading to anxiety and depression. Chinese massage works to realign the Qi and also to remove layers of emotional stress that can build up over time.

Increased Energy: By realigning the flow of Qi in the body, Chinese massage claims to stimulate energy in the body and increase energy levels. Its stress-relieving benefits can also lead to improved sleep and a feeling of overall well-being.